Take control of your event

Evenix is an all in one system that makes easy to use the power of the internet in your next event.

Track your event

Evenix use, QR codes and NFC technologies to track your participant in the event.

Super low cost

Evenix is built to be easier than 1,2,3.Order your smart ticket, setup your event on the web app and download the mobile app.

Stress free

Evenix manage payment, participants access and more so you can concentrate on the event. Did you know Cashless payment increase On-Site Spend By Up To 87%.

See Evenix
in Live Action

More and more small and large event use Evenix. We have experience in parties, festival and student competition.

We will like to make you life easier

Evenix system is still not open to the public but you can request access for FREE on this form.

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Evenix stress free system