Take control of your event

Evenix is an all in one system that makes easy to use the power of the internet in your next event.

Track your event

Evenix use, QR codes and NFC technologies to track your participant in the event.

Super low cost

Evenix is built to be easier than 1,2,3.Order your smart ticket, setup your event on the web app and download the mobile app.

Stress free

Evenix manage payment, participants access and more so you can concentrate on the event. Did you know Cashless payment increase On-Site Spend By Up To 87%.

See Evenix
in Live Action

More and more small and large event use Evenix. We have experience in parties, festival and student competition.

How to use the Evenix platform

Follow the steps below to use to optimize your experience with Evenix. Contact the support team at anytime using the chat on the website and platform.

1 - Understand you need

Make a list of what you need from Evenix :

  • -> Controle access to lunch ?
  • -> Identify person in a emergency situation ?
  • -> Get more visibility to the sponsor ?
  • -> Manage registering and ticket selling ?
  • -> Give the ability to you participant to pay with Evenix wristband ?
  • -> Do you need a wristband or a paper QR code ?

2 - Collect you participant information

Evenix can be use to sell your ticket or to provid a link for them to register to your event. Evenix can also work with any Excel or CSV file of your participants. You can import it by yourself or contact the support but chat for help.

3 - Prepare you mobile device

Evenix use NFC wristband that are compatible with most of the Android and IOS devices. You can download the app from the link below. You need to have a Iphone 7 or earlier.

4 - Create you event activities

Evenix use activities to customise the experience. Activities are the main way to manage your event. You can create a new activity, edit an existing one, delete it, etc. There is multiple type of activities :

  • -> Access (this is use to control access to lunch for example)
  • -> Linked (this is use to have a activity link to a other one)
  • -> Count (this is use to count the number of participants)

5 - Welcome you participant

The first day you participants arrive to you event you welcome them, search there name in the mobile app and pair it with a NFC wristband with a simple tape. The wristband will be use to identify the participant for the rest of the event.

6 - Scan you participant during activities

During the event you can scan participants wristband to get more information about them and to give them access to lunch for example. All this data is collect and secure in the plateform and can be use to give you more visibility to your event in the future.

We will like to make you life easier

Evenix system is still not open to the public but you can request access for FREE on this form.

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